About - Onchip Technologies
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Onchip Technologies is a niche firm with core expertise in building ready to use embedded software products. Founded in 2007 headquartered in Hyderabad, India, with operations in the United States, Onchip takes pride to stand as one among the leading embedded products and service providers in the world. The solutions and engineering services that we provide have resulted in the successful launch of several products and applications that have led to our increasing list of satisfied customers. Onchip Technologies is highly committed to delivering high-quality software with clean source code, documentation and support. Onchip’s products and software design services help companies bring up products quickly and cost effectively.

Onchip has established for itself, not fame alone, but a pedestal as a trusted software products developer and service provider. We are also glad to have developed a reputation for providing highest-quality embedded software components in the industry.

Onchip guarantees every customer and clientele, with the best of IT-services, embedded services and software products, that have been; tested, approved and strictly adhere to ANSI Standards. Our highly efficient and skilled workforce, are focused on embedding intelligence on every device built at Onchip. Programmer friendly source code, easy to understand technical documentation, quick start examples, royalty-free license terms; are the unique features that make Onchip Technologies, a dependable and comprehensive company worldwide.

Visson and Mission

Onchip Technologies strives each day towards the goal of ranking as the highest embedded systems service provider in the world. The benchmark set for the company is never to deviate from the commitment and sincerity that they deliver to every customer. Onchip, together with the most dedicated workforce, tirelessly thrives on providing the most intelligent embedded system in the country.


Advisers on Board




Sharan is the founder and CEO of Indee.tv, a film technology company that builds the secure marketing platform used by several of the largest film companies in the world. He has previously worked as a Consultant at Deloitte and graduated from the University of San Francisco. Sharan advises Onchip Technologies on go-to-market strategies and strategic initiatives.





Onchip Technologies embedded product development and services are led by Surendra, an 18 year veteran of embedded industry. Prior to founding Onchip Surendra spent close to 10 years in embedded software design and development and IT services. Surendra has a passion for developing technologies that have a positive impact on engineering products. He has deep expertise in many areas of technology, particularly microcontroller and microprocessor based devices, cloud computing, embedded voice recognition, and debuggers and development tools. His diversified experience and attention to detail approach have enabled him to deliver products and services meeting market needs and exceeding customer expectations.




Mahendra takes the responsibility for the governance of Onchip’s service execution and delivery. Mahendra is passionate about enabling Onchip’s proven processes in execution and delivery while driving a strong continuous learning and improvement culture in the organization. He has over 20 years of experience in IT consulting, application development, management and modernization, and embedded software development and integration. Mahendra brings with him hands­on experience in various technologies including IBM AS/400, Microsoft and Java, domain expertise in healthcare, hospitality, logistics and semiconductor industries. He also possesses rich expertise in microcontroller and microprocessor based electronic product development.

Mahendra came to Onchip from Keane (currently NTT Data), where his most recent position was Head ­SQA, working as Senior Director in their Application Services. Prior to this, he has held a variety of technology & leadership positions in various technology areas.

Company Logo


The significance and essentialism in the harmonious functioning of an atom’s nucleus and ions are the analogy implemented to represent Onchip’s logo. The central power icon denotes the hardware processing by the company, that is continually enhanced by embedding intelligence through our software applications. The colors black and red connote the dominance of technology and intelligence, working in unison within the IT industry.