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Application Development

Application Development

At Onchip, we offer scalable end-to-end application development and management solutions from requirement analysis to deployment that are ITIL driven and use state of the art automation tools. Our quality centric and ITIL driven service delivery approach enables us to provide transparent, predictable, risk-free, high-quality development and maintenance services.

With constant changes to business processes and ever-evolving technologies, it is extremely important to align business strategies with proven ADM strategy. We at Onchip have over 10+ years of experience in developing well designed and documented and, robust applications with future-proof technologies.

Onchip helps enterprises overcome the challenges of:


  • Reduce development and maintenance costs
  • Migrate from legacy system to a new technology platform
  • Customizing the application software


Our services span the following application lifecycle stages

Application Development

We provide end-to-end development from requirement analysis to deployment and rollout. The application may be custom-made or a commercial product. We deliver highly stable and scalable applications built with our robust architecture and seamless integration capability using latest technologies.

Application Maintenance

Changing or enhancing software to meet ever-changing business demands after the product roll out. As part of preventive maintenance, we use historical data analysis and maintenance tools to address any potential problems before they bring down the systems and impact uptime and productivity.

Application Support

We at Onchip, provide application and user support that includes L1, L2 and L3 as well as 24×7.

Application Modernization

Our application modernization services help enterprises modernize their legacy and out of support systems to enhance ease of use and maintenance, enhance user experience, increase availability, and lower operating costs. We help you overcome the issues in the legacy systems such as multiple tools technologies, increased maintenance cost, unsupported systems, shrinking employee expertise, lack of integration, and Web capabilities.

Application Management

As part of application management services we take complete ownership of the applications as per the predefined scope and manage the support. Services include all of the above mentioned.

Why Onchip’s ADMM services?

Proven processes and models right from requirements to product rollout.


State of the art development tools and frameworks for rapid development.


Quality centric processes ensure well tested and highly stable deliverables.




As a world class mobile application development services company, Onchip has extensive experience in developing high performance, feature-packed native mobile applications for all the mobile platforms including Windows Mobile, iOS, RIM’s Blackberry and Android. Whether you are looking for staff augmentation, or strategic partnership or development services Onchip has highly skilled and experienced engineers, UI designers, creative and strategic personnel to help you achieve your goal.

Our mobile app development services include not only the design and development of mobile apps but also offer cloud services, maintenance and support giving you the flexibility to have Onchip manage the service. Our expertise includes technologies such as audio, video, location based services, real-time notifications, Bluetooth and WiFi communication, cross-platform communication apps, GPS, mapping and Navigation, data synchronization across platforms, and many more. We offer solutions irrespective of where you are in your mobile development lifecycle.

Excellence in developing high performance, feature-packed native mobile applications for all the mobile platforms including Windows Mobile, iOS, RIM’s Blackberry and Android

Mobile application development services

  • Windows
  • Blackberry
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Dedicated mobile application development teams
  • Mobile PC connectivity apps
  • User experience design, evaluation, and support
  • QA and testing services for mobile applications

IT Security


Identity Management

Access Management

Access Governance


Single Sign On

Workflow Automation

IT Operations Management

Identity Security Management

Privileged Access Management


Cyber Security Advisory Services

External Penetration Testing

Internal Penetration Testing

Data Security Services

Endpoint Protection


Incident Response

Application Assessment & Code Review

Social Engineering

Internet of Things Penetration Testing


PCI Tokenization Services

Control Compliance

Data Classification Assessments

PCI Compliance & PCI QSA Services

HIPAA Compliance

FISMA, SOX & Others

Governance, Risk & Compliance


Mobile Application Development

Web Application Development

User Experience Design

Legacy Integration

Workflow & Reporting

Embedded Systems Development


Endpoint Management

Imaging & Application Packaging

File Management

Data Centre Solutions

Data & E-Mail Migration Services

Log Management



Managed Services

Product Fulfilment Services

Cloud & Carrier Services

Getting your SIEM to work for you

We’ve been working in the enterprise SIEM business well for over 10 years. As the industry has matured from pure log management to true SIEM tools with complex correlation capabilities, and more recently incorporating compliance frameworks, we’ve built our experience at every step. Our exposure with working on most products in space, we are confident of helping you to bring the best out of your system.

Whether you are looking for a new SIEM. building upon your existing deployment, or looking for a better SIEM, we can help by giving the pros and cons of the many different platforms we’ve worked with.

What we offer

SIEM design and Architecture- Our experience in a variety of industry verticals, allows us to take an inventory of your systems and help you design and size your SIEM deployment while supporting any compliance requirements such as PCI, HIPAA, etc.

Custom SIEM collectors/connectors- Our development expertise means we can help you gather logs from any system by building custom collectors/connectors. This means all of your custom and third party applications that do not have the box collector/connector from SIEM vendor can be put back into scope!

External Data Sources– Need help integrating that third party threat intelligence feed into your SIEM? We’ve got the ability to take your threat feeds like Symantec’s DeepSight feeds and automatically sync them into your SIEM to keep your rules up to date with the latest threat vectors.

Reporting– Some SIEMs give you the ability to build custom modules for unique reporting and visualization, we’ve worked with them before and can build you the custom dashboards and reports you need to take full advantage of the power locked in your SIEM.

External Penetration Testing

We help

  • Find vulnerabilities using the same techniques that are used to spot them in the first place.
  • Analysis with the prioritized recommendation.
  • Findings in business-impact terms in two reports- a high-level overview of an executive audience, and a detailed technical report for the security staff.
  • Wireless Environment Assessments.
  • Policy Assessments.
  • Resource Assessments.

Internal Penetration Testing

We help

  • On-site penetration testing– Novacoast security experts will attempt to reach sensitive data from inside your network. Often just stepping inside your building is enough to give a malicious agent too much access.
  • Policy Assessments– Beyond software, we audit a company’s internal approach to security on the policy level. Once malicious agents gel in, a security-minded employee culture can keep them from accessing too much.
  • Analysis with the prioritized recommendation– we present our findings in business-impact terms in two reports- a high-level overview of an executive audience and a detailed technical report for the security staff.
  • Wireless Environment Assessments
  • Resource Assessments

Data Security Services

We can help

  • Discover where data is stored across your endpoints and servers; identify true data owners and be altered to unusual activity.
  • Monitor how data is being used when users are on and off the corporate network
  • Protect data by notifying users about policy violations, securing exposed files and folders, and stopping outbound communications.
  • Classify data as it is created, enabling more control over unstructured data.
  • Manage data loss policies, workflow and remediation, reporting and administration from a powerful web-based management console.
  • Operationalize data security– We can show you how to build security into your ops team’s processes.
  • Manage Access & Security– Access is a vital component to data security. We have experience in designing and enforcing access policy. Too many data security strategies fail to include identity management in their scope.
  • Incorporate Governance Reporting & Auditing– It is an ongoing process to manage your security through data.

Endpoint Protection

  • Protection beyond antivirus
  • Sophisticated protection from large-scale malware to the most targeted attacks
  • Scan elimination and file de-duplication
  • Solutions optimized to secure your high-density business critical environments
  • Reputation and behaviour monitoring

Endpoint Protection Assessments

  • Browser intrusion– Know the browser vulnerabilities that are being leveraged today, and how your systems stack up against the virus.
  • Antivirus measures– Are you machines patched up to date? How damaging are virus outbreaks? Is incident response effective?
  • Encryption– How accessible is your data?
  • Storage– What is allowed and how is data moved around? What about data loss preventive measures?
  • Assessment focus– Antivirus, antispyware, firewall and intrusion prevention as well as device control and application control.



IT Service Help Desk Support

Challenges We Address

As consumerization sweeps across the globe, cloud and mobile technologies are enabling and empowering employees like never before. The traditional service desk is not only expected to support an increasingly diverse range of technologies and platforms, but must also match the level of personalisation, empowerment, and speed that an average employee is used to outside the workplace.Failing in this will eventually lead to employee dissatisfaction, loss of motivation, and a decrease in productivity.

In our digital era, as IT aligns itself to business, the service/technical help desk must emerge from its fire­fighting mode and shift focus ­ from problem management to offering pre­emptive and proactive support.

IT Service Desk

Our IT Service Desk manages several service desk contacts annually, for our enterprise customers, helping create some of the most modern and efficient workplaces with global delivery footprint. Our IT infrastructure support services help make service desks proactive, highly personalized, and more importantly, business aligned. You will be able to resolve issues faster and with an efficiency that ensures that your employees are spending their valuable time on a business that matters.

Service Components of IT Service Desk:

  • First and Second Level Support­– for logging, tracking, resolution, and reporting of help desk incidents and service requests. Involves activities associated with restoring normal service operations as quickly as possible and minimizes the adverse impact on business operations.
  • Service Request Management­- encompasses all activities ­ from accepting and logging of a service request, to request prioritization, request fulfillment, and subsequent closure.
  • Global Account Management Automation­- of user provisioning and de­provisioning processes, using workflow and identity management tools from IBM, CA or Sun.
  • Service Readiness and Improvement­– Service Readiness team acts as an enabler in supporting new applications, software, and hardware rollouts, and in bringing changes to the environment. Operational improvements are made by reducing the number of tickets, reducing recurring incidents, and performing effective root cause analysis, problem management, and more.
  • Critical Incident Management­– for critical incidents, the CIM team immediately swings into action, opens up a conference bridge, coordinates for resolution with multiple parties, and sends regular updates to business and IT stakeholders based on the escalation matrix.

Service Desk solutions help

  • To drive personalization in the workplace, by providing support to the business role that the user assumes in the organization.
  • To empower users through automation, self­help and self­heal functions available through OptiBot solution ­ an end user enablement suite for service desk products and services.
  • As a catalyst in executing the “Shift – Left” vision by driving behavior change management programs.
  • Provide proactive user support through real­time monitoring, end user IT analytics, and proactive support available through WorkBlaze solution.

What You Can Expect

Service desk services and solutions offer business ­aligned user support which is predictive, proactive, and personalized to end users, based on user ­profiling and automation.
The benefits include:
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Increased efficiency through automation
  • Pre­emptive resolution of issues

Messaging and Collaboration Service

The Situation Today

In today’s workplace, messaging and collaboration services are far from being mere commodities for most organizations. Rapidly increasing user demands have led to custom deployments that are not being matched by cloud suppliers. These suppliers are challenged to meet specific needs for security, content control, and application integration. The evolution of hybrid messaging and collaboration models in areas such as message hygiene, archiving, mailboxes, and unified communications are disrupting this space, leading to new and optimized delivery models that are cheaper and can be custom built to client requirements across user profiles in various industries.

How We Can Help

Messaging and Collaboration Services

We can help you design and develop messaging and collaboration services that are best aligned to your organizational needs, through our suite of offerings that include:
  • A right­sized messaging and collaboration solution, tiered across user profiles enabled through Profile Kaleidoscope.
  • Design and migration professional services that enable upgrades to the latest platforms, covering the entire infrastructure lifecycle of assessment, architecture design, migration, and post-migration support and operations.
  • Cloud evaluation for workloads ­ to propose the right hybrid solution, fitted against technical and commercial requirements.
Through these services, Onchip helps you to efficiently provision and manage your modern workplace environment, providing flexibility to your workforce while accruing several business benefits. Onchip builds, operates and provides professional services on email and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Exchange, and IBM Lotus Notes.
  • Email and IM Operations– Activities related to monitoring and managing the existing messaging collaboration environment.
  • Collaboration Services– Comprises enterprise­ wide MS SharePoint/Yammer, instant messaging implementation and support.
  • Platform Migration– Migration services including planning, designing, and migrating the existing exchange environment to the latest version.
  • Hosted Messaging Solution– Onchip offers a hosted messaging solution where Onchip owns the entire messaging stack­ right from hosting and hardware, to operations and maintenance. These services are offered to the customer on a per mailbox model.

Bring Your Own Device Services

The Situation Today

In today’s world of IT consumerization, the requirements of the workplace and its employees are changing rapidly. Employees are bringing in their own devices and expecting IT to provide access to both business and personal applications at all times. Bring your own device (BYOD), is much more than a buzzword now— it has intensely influenced the dynamics of workplace services. Onchip’s comprehensive approach on BYOD helps organizations adopt this trend to stay ahead of the curve while ensuring compliance and secured access.

How Onchip Can Help

Most organizations are convinced of the importance of BYOD; however, when it comes to rolling it out, they do not know how and where to start. The biggest hurdle actually lies in answering three simple questions (a) Why BYOD? (b) BYOD for whom? and (c) BYOD on what? Once this is determined, a structured approach to the BYOD program can be implemented.
Onchip has rich experience in implementing BYOD programs for customers. We offer the industry’s first holistic BYOD approach that covers:
  • Consulting (use case definition, policy creation, application roadmap, architecture blueprinting);
  • Provisioning (user, device and app onboarding, self-service enablement, technology deployment, support model re­alignment); and
  • Monitoring (network access activity, compliance reports generation and analytics based on user roles, class of device and access location).

What You Can Expect

Onchip’s holistic BYOD approach helps you create a framework for your organization’s infrastructure needs, based on end user segmentation— considering user attributes such as resource usage, application access needs, their business requirements— and design principles for smartphones, laptops, the web, virtual or native applications, cloud versus on­-premise. This allows Onchip to segment users into BYOD­ segments like basic, enhanced, and advanced. The diagram below shows representative services that may be offered:

The Benefits

  • User profile aligned BYOD programs
  • Use case­ aligned technology selection
  • Cost optimization via the optimized consumption model (cloud + On­-premise)
  • Support model rationalization

IT that powers 21st Century Experiences

This is the age of the user­centric cloud­first data center. Today a whole variety of users– from IT Admins to Business Users to Dev/QA and Partners and Customers– expect seamless application access and performance– as and when they want it. To provide this unified experience from the get­go is IT’s main goal in the 21st Century Enterprise.
Onchip, a pioneer, and leader in IT Infrastructure Management services has been steadily re­architecting/redesigning what a Data Center looks like, how it performs, how it stores, how it integrates with other entities and how it protects. We help our customers espouse best­in­class next­generation Hybrid Data Centre architectures with strong IT Service Management process automation and service orchestration at the core– enabling the business to be agile and IT to be free to create unified experiences for its users.

Class­leading, Proven Data Center Solutions for more than 15 years

More than 40 Fortune 500 companies depend on Onchip to harness the power of cloud and virtualization technologies to power their demands of business growth and superior digital experiences. Onchip has helmed more than a hundred complex global data center migrations successfully and currently we manage more than half a million servers globally with class­ leading uptimes and customer satisfaction scores that are the industry’s envy.

Reimagining the Data Center for the 21s t Century Enterprise

When you work with Onchip, you not only have a partner who can help you transform your legacy Data Centers to next generation, software­ defined, highly automated hybrid architectures, but you also have access to more than 10000 person years of certified cloud transformation experience, the best management tools on the planet, integrated with leading cloud service providers. Once the Data Center is transformed to be modern and agile, we then run your Data Center operations using an optimized next­gen operating model, through automation and orchestration (using our DryICE framework) to create seamless application performance and an end­user experience that delights.

With Onchip you have access to the world’s best innovation in Data Center and Cloud

Whether it is CART, the industry­ recognized Cloud Assessment and Migration Framework which helps create the optimum migration strategy depending on application characteristics or the best­ in­class hybrid cloud management and orchestration tool MyCloud or our vast network of partnerships that allow us to run a federated cloud environment whether on private, public or hybrid platforms; our goal is to help you maximize the value from your cloud investments. All these are managed through self­service catalogue based portals that offer a highly responsive and flexible medium of interaction for IT Consumers.
With a plethora of technology and cloud options available in the market today, it is critical to deliver a seamless experience to IT consumers, independent of what hardware, software and cloud partners you align with. That’s why Onchip works with a wide array of global partners, independent of their specific technologies and products. Using this approach, Onchip has the following, and more, to offer:
  • Design, architecture, and implementing consumer ready hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Hybrid cloud infrastructure migration, consolidation, hosting and management
  • Policy-based automation and orchestration services and analytics based agile operations
  • Software defined and controlled infrastructure
  • Service based process and integration

Database Management and System Consolidation

Challenges We Address

Data Center Consolidation projects are highly dependent on a client’s infrastructure as well as their business requirements. In light of this, each such project must have well-defined objectives that are built around these existing factors.

Onchip’s Proposition

Onchip believes that each consolidation exercise must have the following objectives:
  • Improve service while lowering cost
  • Build a future­ ready IT infrastructure
  • Improve a client’s operational efficiency
  • Moderate the size and power consumption of data centers
  • A strategy to re­platform existing applications
  • Increase technology availability and capability for disaster recovery
  • Provide support for systems added through mergers or acquisitions

Datacenter Consolidation Methodology

Onchip’s consolidation methodology is based on the four­phase concept ­ Assess, Architect, Implement and Manage. Onchip also conducts a short, business oriented feasibility study before commencing the datacenter consolidation project. The following table highlights Onchip’s role in specific areas in each phase:

What You Can Expect

In every datacenter consolidation project, Onchip focuses on delivering the following potential consolidation benefits:
  • Reduced IT cost
  • Simplified automated management processes
  • Centralized operations
  • Improved system availability and security
  • Fewer servers, data centers and consoles
  • Better manageability and control
  • Better support for Users
  • Reduced underutilization of servers

Key Differentiators

Vendor/Technology Neutral

We are not a product company. Our focus is on building solutions and providing services across those solutions. We are open to working with any OEMs or in any technical environment.

Strategic Alliances

Onchip has strategic partnerships with all the leading technology manufacturers – EMC, CISCO, Microsoft, VMware, Xerox, BMC, etc. These alliances help us serving our clients with multiple choices and reduced cost. Apart from these strategic alliances, we have global tie-ups with all leading OEMs (HP, IBM, Dell, Hitachi, NetApp, Sun, Oracle, SAP etc.).

Global Deployment Capabilities

Onchip has a direct presence and a robust partner ecosystem, which helps our clients with on time and efficient deployment of products.

Flexible Pricing Models

We offer our clients flexible and transparent pricing options which help them reducing their upfront cost and convert that into an operational expenditure.