UI Studio

A powerful desktop tool designed to accelerate the UI development for embedded devices. It offers a comprehensive gallery of images and widgets that can be easily imported and previewed instantly on your target hardware.

Rapid GUI Development: Create UI quickly and preview on the device simultaneously.

Extensive Gallery: Access a rich collection of well-designed UI layouts and widgets to enhance your applications.

Customization: Easily customize the size, colors, and other properties of UI elements to fit your needs.

Simple Scripting: Utilize a straightforward HTML-like script to build UI layouts with widgets effortlessly.

Touch Event Support: Seamlessly process touch events for touchscreen-enabled devices, ensuring an intuitive user experience.

Intelligent Display

Revolutionize embedded UI with advanced graphics, powerful CPU, and seamless sensor integration.

Advanced Graphics and Rendering

Experience 2D graphics, image rendering, and alpha blending for cutting-edge UI design.

Powerful Dual-Core CPU

Equipped with SPI, USB, and I2C peripherals for seamless data acquisition from sensors.

Intelligent Display Studio

Accelerate UI development for embedded systems with our desktop UI Studio.